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Farm Market Items That Sell


Product Info

5503 2 Quart Food Mill/   

 With 3 S/S blades, fine-medium-course10.5” high by 13.25” wide.


Product Info

35C - Water Bath Canner  



Extra deep water bath canner allows complete water coverage.

Holds seven one quart jars safely in a rust resistant rack.

Interior and exterior features chip resistant finish.

Can also be used as a large 20 quart soup pot.

Case Pack of 2


Product Info

9944 Corn Brush,

Yellow plastic handle and bristles that will clean the corn silk off your corn fast and easy. Carded
Cs pk 144, cs wt 9 lbs, or Cs pk 36,  cs wt 5 lbs


Product Info

8877 Corn De-Silker

Remove silks from cob in one quick motion. Slide the ear of corn through the brush and stubborn silk is removed.

Cs Pk 36 , Inner pk 6  


Product Info

20718 Corn Dish Carded


Yellow Plastic Corn Dish, 12" long. 

2 pc set

144 cs pk  /  12 in pk 


Product Info
21058 Jumbo Corn Skewers

8 per card with stainless steel prongs.

Cs pk 144, cs wt 27 lbs, or Cs pk 72 cs wt 14 lbs.


Product Info

8717 Heavy Duty S/S Corn Cutter

Not available 

Heavy duty stainless steel corn cutter with expandable blade fits most cob sizes. With a downward push, corn kernals are easily cut from cob, 11" long Carded

 Cs Pk 48,  In Pk 6 



Product Info
 5066 Paring Knife Countertop Display of 48


Staimless Steel Blade with a plastic handle, assorted colors

5.3/4" long 



Product Info

CKC-300 Canning Funnel  

High Heat Plastic, accurate headspace measurements,

Outer funnel keeps jar rim and countertop clean. Red & White.Cs Pk 12,  Cs Wt 6 lbs 


Product Info

530 Pie Crust Shields

Pie crust shields are used to cover the edges of fresh or frozen pie crusts to keep the crust from over-browning or burning. Fits up to a 10" pie. Adjustable and reusable. Each set contains 5 shields

Cs pk 144,  cs wt 10 lbs,or In pk 12,  In Pk wt 4 lbs


Product Info
4780 Apple Pie Top Cutter

Cuts apple design in top pie crust

Cs pk 96, cs wt 35 lbs, or Cs pk 48,  cs wt 19 lbs



Product Info
4779 Lattice Pie Top Cutter

Cuts lattice design in top pie crust

Cs pk 96, cs wt 35 lbs, or Cs pk 48,  cs wt 19 lbs


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