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Homestead World Products

Ramsey, IL  62080

If you don't see what you are looking for,

call I'll see what I can do!! 


Homestead World Products has been sold to Darla and David Marley, of Ramsey, IL  62080.

Their goal is to expand Homestead's product line.  If you need an item you don't see give us a call, we are always open to new ideas!  618-423-2503 or 800-638-2219 cell 217-710-5136

 A Distributor of quality products since 1983 to the fresh food markets, farm markets, orchards etc, distributing items like  Apple peelers that peel, corer, slice in one easy operation. The finest apple peelers on the market. Also Apple wedgers, apple corers, cherry stoners, food strainers, paring knives, pie top cutters, corn strippers, corn skewers, butter spreaders, strawberry hullers, wood honey dippers, home canning kits, all that your market needs.


We look forward to doing business with you.

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